TONY BENNETT played host to the parents of his “Duets” partners Lady Gaga and the late Amy Winehouse on Monday night. Cynthia and Joe Germanotta and Mitch Winehouse joined the legendary crooner at the after-party for the documentary “The Zen of Bennett” at Tribeca Grill. Winehouse, who’s been in the States spreading the word about the Amy Winehouse Foundation, told us that he had “a very interesting conversation with Cynthia and Joe” about their pop-star daughters.”

Noting that “Amy was a different kettle of fish” from Gaga, whose given name is Stefani, Winehouse said, “Stefani’s professional,” whereas his daughter marched to the beat of a different drummer. “Every now and then, a light would come on in her head, and she would say, ‘You know what, Dad, I’ve got to write an album. And she would sit down and, in two weeks straight, there would be an album,” Winehouse said. “In that way, she was a genius, but she certainly wasn’t a genius in terms of being driven.”

We’d add that there was a purity to Winehouse’s best music that no amount of drive can replicate.

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